Housing Champion Stories

Housing Champions

Helping our most vulnerable neighbors in need.


Property Manager, Elena G.

Heritage Park Apartments

“HOME” is where our story working together with United Way starts.



Property Manager, Jazmin A.

"I came from a very diverse background and experienced a lot of hardships. I understand the adversity many people in our community face and I never want them to feel that way working with myself or my establishment. I love my field of work, and love working with the United Way of Ventura County’s program.”



Housing Champion, Matt C.

"The Landlord Engagement Program (LEP) is a solution-based program that brings together landlords and homeless residents that need housing. As a community member, landlord and property manager, I have seen firsthand the growing issue of homelessness. This program uses a combination of education, outreach and financial incentives to help our County address this area of need. The LEP works in conjunction with public and private agencies throughout Ventura County, and an integral part of the program, is the housing locators who regularly contact landlords to introduce the program and assist clients with housing leads.”

"The cost of homelessness in our community is enormous and growing. Beyond the financial cost there are costs to the mental health and spiritual wellbeing of our fellow community members. Homelessness can be debilitating and stressful, isolating and depressing.”

"I believe United Way’s LEP is a step in the right direction but needs to be expanded to reach an even larger segment of this special population. The Landlord Engagement Program is designed to keep more people from being homeless. We need more landlords to step up, assist and accept these residents into our community.”