Tenant Stories


Todd G. - Veteran

"I don't think anybody plans to be homeless certainly I did not. However, 7 months ago, not only did I lose my position earning 5k a month with a federal job, I wrecked my vehicle, became injured and was thrown out of the room I was renting from family members because of the COVID pandemic. I cashed out my pension and savings, went through it fairly quickly. I ended up living in a used truck that often needed to be repaired. I contacted several veteran services organizations and was able to receive assistance from them.

Among the service organizations that helped me is United Way. My journey of recovery has been dangerous, arduous, and stressful for certain. However, the assistance provided by United Way and other agencies helped me from further debilitation. Navigating Ventura County California's rental application process and the very limited supply of affordable housing was a difficult and frustrating task that I could not have accomplished alone.

Finally, I was able to get into a clean, decent, and quiet apartment. I'm grateful for the assistance provided by United Way and am hoping for a full recovery for not only myself but the United States of America which I volunteered to serve as a soldier in the US Army."


James B.

"Many thanks to everyone at the United Way of Ventura County for providing the crucial services and programs that are helping change lives for the better. The Landlord Engagement Program was a crucial part of my rental application process. Some past credit issues going back 9 years ago were haunting me as I applied for housing.

I especially would like to thank Sanaz for engaging at the most crucial point in my application process. By opening up communication and bridging the gap, a successful outcome was reached. She really made the difference and without her help, I wouldn't be where I am living today."


Nicole L.

"I’m so thankful to United Way of Ventura County, thank you for everything. My son loves his new room!"


Annalisa M.

"We are now living in our new apartment. Me and my two children are able to start our new chapter of life after 3 long months of being homeless and struggling. We are home and living happy. We can enjoy cooking, taking baths, and nice long walks around the apartment complex. We are forever grateful to United Way, thank you so much.

With hard work and faith anything is possible. As a single mom none of this would have been possible without your help and support."